FinTech incl. Finance Committee meeting on May 24, 2018 in Microsoft


AmCham's Finance Committee met in Microsoft to discuss modern finance. Martin Štefik, CFO of MIcrosoft for Czech and Slovakia, presented 4 key areas where for digitization of finance: 


1. Financial Analysis & Reporting moving finance data to the cloud, combining it with business metrics and working with cross-functional teams to create powerful, dynamic reporting. With tools like Power BI and Excel connected to streamlined data sources, one can get insights faster and drive action.

2. Strategy & Forecasting using Machine Learning and Cortana Intelligence Suite across the organization to stay ahead of the business. We set out to drive greater accuracy and increase the frequency of our forecast updates, and are seeing the realization of both goals.

3. Business Process Automation starting to use bots in several areas in order to improve speed and efficiency and save time and money.

4. Risk Management harnessing power of the cloud to create early warning systems and tools that help proactively manage risk. As we move more of our financial data and transaction to the cloud, we’re also harnessing the power of our technology to keep our data secure and improve transactional efficiency.

After presentation and debate we made a tour to see IoT in practise and examples of how you can work with real time data in a store, factory or in connection with outside equipment.

Join us for next Finance Committee meetings! Write to for more information or if you are interested in FinTech presentation.


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