End of CNB interventions - one year after, what to expect?


On March 22, 2017, Amcham CZ hosted a panel discussion on Czech National Bank leaving the interventions. Doc. Petr Budínský, deputy CEO of University of Finance and Administration, Jan Vejmělek, Chief Economist of Komerční banka and Eva Zamrazilová - exmember of the CNB board - discussed real impact and reasons for the interventions. 

One year after, on April 12, 2018, AmCham CZ continued with a panel discussion of Chief Economists (Jan Vejmělek of Komerční banka, Jakub Seidler of ING Bank, Michal Skořepa of Česká Spořitelna and Helena Horská of Raiffeisenbank) on currency developement, reserves, monetary & market flow and how it influences businesses and our lives.

Read the minutes HERE.



Actually the AmCham would like to make it a tradition and to organise a panel discussion of Chief Economists on macroeconomist aspects each year on March/April - so called "Economic Outlook" - check out calendar in the begining of next year. 

The Finance Committee willl meet again on May 24, 9:00 in Microsoft to discuss “Digital Transformation of Finance”. For joning the group, please register online or write to registration@amcham.cz. 

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