Employer Branding. A key ingredient in attracting new talents.


How to use employer branding to attract excellent candidates? What can you do to promote your company to ideal job applicants? How can your employees become brand advocates? On April 27th, AmCham members gathered to discuss these topics with experts: Martina Jandečková (Managing Partner, MgC GROUP), David Novák (Head of Consumer Marketing, Vodafone) and Petr Andrýsek (Chief Shark, Socialsharks).


“Employer branding is more than what company wants people to think about it. It´s the essence of the company, what the company is and wants to be,” claimed David Novák during the discussion. “It´s more than traditional outbound marketing and it starts from within the company,” he continued. When it comes to creating great employer branding, humans have to be at center of our attention. People can create a passion that no marketing strategies can. Therefore, to create rich, organic employer branding, your current employees have to be involved. They are the life and soul of your business. They make the business what it is and it’s the best place to seek inspiration when creating a powerful employer brand.

As Ms. Jandečková suggested, “To discover the DNA of your company, take the time and ask your employees questions, such as: What do they need? What would make them happy? How do they feel about the work? What do they like and dislike about working for you?” Their answers will give you a direct insight into the core of your company. But to build a strong employer brand, you need to have a conversation with all departments. “Everyone needs to be involved. Not only HR and Marketing department,” added Ms. Jandečková.

Once your employees are involved, you can set up a referral program or encourage them to share job openings with their friends on social media. In this way, your employees become the promoters of your own brand. However, will your employees always spread the right message about the company? “Now it´s becoming more difficult for companies to regulate what stories employees are telling about the brand,” said David Novák.

According to him, current issue is that without careful management of the stories which former or existing employees are telling about the brand, the wrong message can be communicated. Discrepancies between the company´s official message and message found in media often contradict one another.  “If I am hearing certain demonstration in TV advertisement, but I don’t find the values in the company or during the interview, I don’t feel any trust towards the brand", added David Novák. To prevent this, the company has to be honest and maintain harmony between that which it does and that which it says it does. To attract top quality candidates the company should hold its branding to the same high standards.

When this message is kept consistent across all platforms, a company can deliver its message in many different ways. “You can share on social media, you can target, use advertisement campaigns to zone in on a specific group of candidates,” claimed Petr Andrýsek. It’s also important to track the engagement of potential candidates. Using digital marketing data, you can keep an eye on what type of candidate is reacting to your company’s message and on which platform they are engaging with your brand. This will help you build sourcing strategies around finding future candidates and give you some original insights into how best to target the people you want to be working for you.

“While hiring our last employees," shared Petr Andrýsek, "many of them told us they found about our company on LinkedIn where we´ve recently started to publish articles and videos. Thanks to this, we found out that our employees are very active on social media and not many of them are reading our internal website. Social media shows how people want to communicate nowadays. When managers post on Facebook or LinkedIn, people react and share the post to other 100-200 friends or followers they have on social media.”


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